5. I'm Bored, and My Brain Needs a Break"

This is a list of interesting websites to get the noodle in your head going. Now, when I say “take a break” I don’t mean for you to go browsing through stuff pointlessly for hours until you drift out of conciousness. A break should be anywhere from fifteen minutes long, to a half an hour of fun on the phone where you go grab yourself a snack or have a meal, or maybe two hours of sleep. In the end, remember that you are always your own coach, and if you can’t control yourself, are you going to be waiting for someone to control you? I don’t think so. So do what you know you should be doing.   

What is that website about?

Website Links


 (Actual Photos)

         This website is filled with crazy stories/ photos with stories for you to basically shock yourself into your own creativity. Just when you thought the world was normal, yah, you were wrong. As they say, "fact is stranger than fiction." Who knows, you might even use a few of these stories at the next bonfire. Muahahahaha. J/K



This website here was brought up by my College Writing Professor/ Teaching Credential Advisor from CSUF- Dr. April Brannon Ph.D during a semester of creative college writing. Don't let the word "college" scare you! You can use this site as well for your creative writing or creative stories. The website features postcards written with anonymous secrets, sent in from around the world, and is updated weekly. Some things you read will be shocking, others will be true, some will be false, a few romantic, a handful heartbreaking, and so on. Perhaps the best thing about this website is not the secrets, but the art that someone posted with the secret. Maybe you will send in a postcard sometime? You’ll laugh, and then you’ll cry, BUT THEN, you’ll know.